The River Company

The River Company has been a great tool for us at IDC.  It is a small business that we understand and can develop new strategies and concepts without constraints.  Therivercompany.com is a mobile responsive site with a unique navigation optimized for quick taps to find the most mobile important content.  Big images and large type round out the desktop views.  Online booking integration creates a toolset that The River Company uses to help guests learn, book and join rafting trips all summer long.

Rafting Trips in Stanley, Idaho

We’re called The River Company for good reason. When you’re with us, you’re a part of one big happy river rafting family that specializes in pure adventure on the Salmon River. You’ll be intoxicated by fresh air and pristine canyon water on any of our rafting trips.

A day with us will leave you whooping and laughing, buzzing with excitement and us likely prying the paddles out of your hands long after we have put ashore. Located an hour north of Sun Valley, Idaho we craft trips tailored for every sort of rafter— from the aquatically curious to the adrenaline junky to the unrepentant trout addict.